Freshman class of 2017-2018

Dear 2017-2018 freshman,

High is exactly like middle school, teachers care about you doing work, and everyone is your friend. I honestly wish that’s how it was but it’s not. Teachers will care about you to a certain extent, they will tell you when somethings do, how to do it, and help you if you ask. If you don’t ask questions about anything, neither will they and you’ll regret it. To survive ninth grade on academic part you just have to pay attention and keep up with your work. If you take accelerated classes then you have to stay on top. If you have assignments missing and points are taken off, still do it. It’s better to get six points than zero points. Surviving classes are not the hardest thing to do.

The worse thing about high school are the people. People will change you life in negative and positive ways, depending on who you hang around. Everyone will make a bad decision in high school, you just have to fix things at the end. High school boys are judgmental and girls are dramatic for no reason. The people are what makes high school horrible or amazing. Hanging out with people who take the same classes as you is a smart thing to do. You guys can all help each other and become close while doing it. In high school you will loose many friends, which wont be shocking, you just cant let that effect you. High school could be the best time of your school career, you just have to make it that way.

Good luck on your first year of high school!

Little Days

Little days with Little memories

Little legs running

playing in the dirt with the Little worms

getting pick up and putting little hands in Big faces

lots of tutus on Little hips

hanging with the Big kids

Big laughs into little ears

Big smiles on little faces

Little bodies in sinks splashing

later onto Big tubs with Big waves

lots of Little friends

to few Big friends

little smiles on Big faces

Fire Hydrant

Safe and white like the sky keeping us from beyond20170518-082237.jpg

Saving lives even with the holes within.

Water rushing as if it’s red blood in our veins

One glance gives off anxiety of a fire.

Rusted chains keeping the clean water contained.



Keeping us protected.



Blogs I’ve Visited

In the game we’re playing for the student blogging challenge, I visited Jan Smith’s blog, Huzzah! I visited them just out of random. But I stayed on the blog because I really liked the title and the Alphabet Soup on the home page. After clicking that page I visited Arielle’s blog. I visited her blog because I liked her profile picture and she was the last name on the list. I left a comment on her post about her Geo Bunny. “Hey Arielle, I really like your Geo Bunny, very creative. I love the background story as to how Harry Potter turned into a bunny. You are very creative. Come visit my blog sometime” which is the comment I left on her post. After being on Arielle’s blog I went to her classmates page  Kassidy’s blog. I visited her page for the same reason I visited Arielle’s. The post I read on Kassidy’s blog was about Christmas. It got my attention because of the beautiful picture o a leaf with snow on it. “Hey Kassidy, I really love Christmas too, but my favorite holiday is Thanksgiving. That’s only because we eat lots of food and my family gets together. I live in Ohio so we get lots of snow, and it gets annoying. But I also love sugar cookies, those are my favorite kind. Come visit my blog sometime” which is the comment I left on her page. I really enjoyed this game because it got me to blog post that I probably wouldn’t have commented on before. 


Decisions, Decisions


In life you can’t control what other people are going to do so you have to think fast and light on your feet. During life you’ll have those moments that randomly  happen and you won’t know what to do. But you’ll also have those moments that you can plan out and think about. I’m a freshman at Franklin Heights and I’ve had plenty of both that I don’t enjoy.

When you have those random situations you have to be quick. If somebody ask you to do something its either going to be a yes or no depending on when, where, who, and why. Quick Thinking. It could be a simple question like “What are you doing later?” and you might not know the answer. With random questions it’s like being in a race the 100m dash for example. You don’t have time think about this race you have to be quick.With these questions they could change your life honestly, you just don’t know. Those are everyday problems that don’t have specific answers to them.

People give you time to think about your future. You are giving time to think about what you want the outline of your life to be and only you can design/change that. Some people have their whole life handed over to them then later ruin it. You might want to go to college but might not know where, you have time to think about that. College Decision.  You might want to go straight into a career, that’s your decision. Some people don’t like not having their future in their hands. Or not being able to stop the change from occurring. Life is a scary decision for everybody no matter what age.

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My Family

My family is pretty large but were all very close. We don’t just gather around on big holidays, like Christmas and Thanksgivings. We come together on our birthdays also, not everybody’s of course but on big birthdays. Every year for christmas one of my aunts throws a large party and all of the family comes. We do this to stay together and as one.

My immediate family stays close and we try to keep in touch. I have many siblings 6 sisters and 3 brothers, we all either live in Michigan, Ohio, or Texas. I’m the middle child, i have so many because my parents are divorced and have many step-siblings. All of my older siblings are in college or already started their life, my oldest sister is Mona she’s 24. My youngest sister, Lacey is 5. I have a nephew Matthew who just turned 5, he’s Mona’s son. My sister Meghan is pregnant and is having a girl, but she lives in Texas so it’s hard to see her. My mom has 2 brothers and she’s the oldest, with many nieces and nephews. I have about 14 cousins that I talk to on a regular basis, when we get together its like a riot is happening but its always a great time.

During big holidays like Christmas or Thanksgiving we find our way to each other, people fly in from Texas, Georgia, New York, people driving in from Ohio and Chicago. Christmas is the main holiday where we gather. One of my aunts normally “host” the party, as in find a place to have it and bring some food. The rest the family makes happen. Over these past 3 years we’ve lost a few people around Christmas making it just a bit harder to enjoy without those smiles, but it’s been manageable. All together my family is a family that includes everybody no matter what. We try to have fun times together and enjoy each other no matter how far away.




Global Issues- Global Warming

 Global Warming is the gradual increase of Earth’s atmosphere and oceans, causing permanent change of Earth. According to scientist, the earth’s average temperature has risen 0.8 degrees celsius. Research according to Live Science, has shown that by the 2100, the temperature would have risen between 1.4 and 5.8 degrees celsius.  . Global warming is harming humans, animals, and many other species heathy.

As you can tell from the images below, global warming is affecting all animals, no matter what environment. Animals who are surrounded by ice and water are losing those factors. The ice is melting from such high temperatures and the water is being dried out. factors.

Global Warming is causing droughts and is melting ice. According to this video, Climate Change on Animals, animals are losing their homes. In Antarctica the ice is melting because the temperature is greatly rising. Animals who are around environments filled with water, their land is drying out. Another effects from global warming is human expansion. The land itself is breaking apart and it away from each other. Humans will be separated from their family across the globe because of the rising temperature. The land is slowly parting. Scientist also believe that humans will start to become sick because of the extreme heat and poor air quality caused by global warming. (Human Health)

   There are minimal causes of global warming, the main cause is the expansion of the Greenhouse Effects. According Global Climate Change, the greenhouse effect is humans trapping heat coming onto earth. Instead of being reflected back into space it’s absorbed by the greenhouse gas molecules causing the temperature to rise. Humans are causing earth’s destruction, this is basically pollution. To stop the destruction of earth’s environment we could plant trees, reduce waste, and reduce fossil fuel use. These few things that almost anybody could do can save OUR world.

Puzzle Post

Heres the link to a puzzle that you might enjoy


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White Painting

I am a piece of art that you finish with your imagination. Do you know how? I’ll tell you. Close your eyes and imagine anything,colors,event,shapes, or plain lines. Open your eyes and you can put it on me. Add more than one thing. You can even make me a piece of music or even a dance video. You can make me into a moving image with your imaginatio. Close your eyes and think of something rough like rock, sandpaper or dirt. Think of something smooth, like the floor or sky. You can add whatever emotion to me that you want.


20161130-135539.jpg White Painting Robert Rauschenberg

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