White Painting

I am a piece of art that you finish with your imagination. Do you know how? I’ll tell you. Close your eyes and imagine anything,colors,event,shapes, or plain lines. Open your eyes and you can put it on me. Add more than one thing. You can even make me a piece of music or even a dance video. You can make me into a moving image with your imaginatio. Close your eyes and think of something rough like rock, sandpaper or dirt. Think of something smooth, like the floor or sky. You can add whatever emotion to me that you want.


20161130-135539.jpg White Painting Robert Rauschenberg

6 thoughts on “White Painting

  1. Madison,
    This is such a cool concept, do you think there could be black painting?
    I really like how imaginative this is! I imagine you doing the tree pose on a turquoise yoga mat. Your hair is down and you are wearing a black tee and black mesh leggings.
    XO Matin

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    • Hey Matin,
      I honestly do believe that there could be a black painting. I hadn’t really thought of that until you had commented, thanks. You really made me think about that, i’ll be sure to visit your blog.

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