Global Issues- Global Warming

 Global Warming is the gradual increase of Earth’s atmosphere and oceans, causing permanent change of Earth. According to scientist, the earth’s average temperature has risen 0.8 degrees celsius. Research according to Live Science, has shown that by the 2100, the temperature would have risen between 1.4 and 5.8 degrees celsius.  . Global warming is harming humans, animals, and many other species heathy.

As you can tell from the images below, global warming is affecting all animals, no matter what environment. Animals who are surrounded by ice and water are losing those factors. The ice is melting from such high temperatures and the water is being dried out. factors.

Global Warming is causing droughts and is melting ice. According to this video, Climate Change on Animals, animals are losing their homes. In Antarctica the ice is melting because the temperature is greatly rising. Animals who are around environments filled with water, their land is drying out. Another effects from global warming is human expansion. The land itself is breaking apart and it away from each other. Humans will be separated from their family across the globe because of the rising temperature. The land is slowly parting. Scientist also believe that humans will start to become sick because of the extreme heat and poor air quality caused by global warming. (Human Health)

   There are minimal causes of global warming, the main cause is the expansion of the Greenhouse Effects. According Global Climate Change, the greenhouse effect is humans trapping heat coming onto earth. Instead of being reflected back into space it’s absorbed by the greenhouse gas molecules causing the temperature to rise. Humans are causing earth’s destruction, this is basically pollution. To stop the destruction of earth’s environment we could plant trees, reduce waste, and reduce fossil fuel use. These few things that almost anybody could do can save OUR world.

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