Freshman class of 2017-2018

Dear 2017-2018 freshman,

High is exactly like middle school, teachers care about you doing work, and everyone is your friend. I honestly wish that’s how it was but it’s not. Teachers will care about you to a certain extent, they will tell you when somethings do, how to do it, and help you if you ask. If you don’t ask questions about anything, neither will they and you’ll regret it. To survive ninth grade on academic part you just have to pay attention and keep up with your work. If you take accelerated classes then you have to stay on top. If you have assignments missing and points are taken off, still do it. It’s better to get six points than zero points. Surviving classes are not the hardest thing to do.

The worse thing about high school are the people. People will change you life in negative and positive ways, depending on who you hang around. Everyone will make a bad decision in high school, you just have to fix things at the end. High school boys are judgmental and girls are dramatic for no reason. The people are what makes high school horrible or amazing. Hanging out with people who take the same classes as you is a smart thing to do. You guys can all help each other and become close while doing it. In high school you will loose many friends, which wont be shocking, you just cant let that effect you. High school could be the best time of your school career, you just have to make it that way.

Good luck on your first year of high school!

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